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New Office

We have moved to new office on 01st of June 2017.

The Address is as mentioned ...


DGS GoI Notice


Welcome to
Visa Information

Compulsory Visa for Seaman & Supernumerary

US Visa


Procedure to schedule Online R C1/D Visa appointment

You cannot schedule an appointment without Passport and HDFC fee Payment Receipt, so please ensure these documents are ready before scheduling visa interview appointment:

Steps to take Visa Appointment Online:--


1)      Visit

2)      Click on Apply for a Non-immigrant Visa

3)      Enter relevant details and fill DS 160

4)      Once you schedule a Visa date, take two prints outs of filled DS 160, Company covering Letter

 SEND DOCUMENTS: You need to send following documents 5 working days before the actual visa date to the VFS Center. You can submit the documents personally.

 VFS (India) Pvt Ltd

Us Visa Application Centre

Tirupati Apartments

Bhulabhai Desai Road

Mumbai 400026

Timings 8.00 am to 1.00 pm

Tel No 5654 7600


List of Documents to be submitted:--

1)      Covering Letter (Signed and stapled with DS 160 with Photo Affixed of 2inches X 2 inches Uploaded

2)      Photocopy of passport date pages (1st and last pages)

3)      Photocopy of interview appointments letter.

4)      Original HDFC fee receipts (consulate copy)



Seaarland Management Services P Ltd

US Visa Documents Checklist


Seaman applying for the US Visa R - C1/D Visa. This indicates that you are a Seaman,


The following is a checklist of papers you need for your visa interview. When ALL documents are ready, e-mail us OR call us for your mock interview. We can either do a MOCK on the PHONE OR send you Mock Questions on the E-MAIL.

All of the following documents must be in separate clear plastic folders and NOT in files and all in ORIGINAL


Prepare the following Documents:


1. Visa Application - These Form/s are available at the US Application Center or check with our office.

Xerox the form and fill it to the best of your ability, keep the original one for later. Please get it checked by us. Kindly refer to DS 160 web based guidelines


2.Passport - Must be valid for at least 6 months from the day you apply for your visa


3.Colour Photographs - 50mm by 50mm. Confirm this size from the Visa Application form (or call & check this at the US Consulate)


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