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New Office

We have moved to new office on 01st of June 2017.

The Address is as mentioned ...


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Compulsory Visa for Seaman & Supernumerary

Canadian Visa



Processing done by VFS (VISA FACILITATION SERVICES) - 307, 3rd Floor, Eros Corporate Towers, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019 . Tel Nos: 418 055 50                                                                                                 PLEASE NOTE THAT APPLICANTS WHO HAVE PASSPORTS ISSUED IN PUNJAB CANNOT APPLY AT DELHI. THEY HAVE TO APPLY AT CANADIAN HC AT CHANDIGARH/JALANDHAR. IF NOW RESIDING IN DELHI, THEN SUCH PROOF MUST BE PRODUCED
Application forms available on website
Submissions accepted Mon to Fri from 0900 to 1600
Collections allowed Mon to Thu from 1730 onwards
Processing time 3 working days after date of submission
Visa expenses and mode of payment Rs 5550 (Multiple) and Rs 2775 (Single) by DD payable to 'Canadian High Commision' (to be paid at time of submission)
Agency charges, if applicable Rs 515 by cash for counter collection.
Personal presence Not Required
Documents to be submitted
Filled in applications One copy and one copy of CDC and passport first page
Photos 3 PP size clear on light background on photo paper (no scanned copies)
Visa invitation letter One copy
Air ticket Yes (They require photocopy of air ticket and not original)
Covering letter Yes
Travel insurance No
Additional for families Husband's joining contract paper Yes
Husband's PP and CDC copies Yes, one copy each
Marriage certificate Yes
Husband's consent to allow children to travel with mother No
Travel insurance No
Birth Certificate of children Yes
BE PREPARED TO FURNISH FOLLOWING PARTICULARS THAT WILL BE ASKED BY CANADIAN HIGH COMMISSION ON PHONE FOR ALL APPLICANTS: a) Since when he has been employed with Barbers b) Which vessel he is joining or on board from what date(for families) c) His gross wages and d) Contract period on board. ALL THIS INFORMATION CAN BE KEPT READY FROM CREWNET.


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